Facility Rental

Imagine your event here

From Bar and Bat Mitzvahs to weddings, special receptions, and business functions, our state-of-the-art designed kitchen and audio / visual capabilities are a perfect place to host your special event overlooking the beautiful hills in Danville.

For information on renting our facility,
please call us at 925-736-7146 or email us at info@bethchaim.com.

• Business Functions
• Special Receptions
• Bar and Bat Mitzvah
• Weddings
• Recommitment ceremonies
• Baby namings
• Conversion ceremonies
• Assemblies


• State-of-the-art kitchen facilities
• 300 seat sanctuary and multi-purpose room
• Audio, video, data, and large built-in movie size screen
• Rental furniture and equipment on premises
• 10,000 sq ft outdoor courtyard overlooking the hills
• Beautiful landscaping and views
• 200 vehicle parking capacity
• Grand piano
• Dance floor
• Small conference room and class rooms

Dietary Practices

Beth Chaim Congregation’s (BCC) religious mandate is to provide an open, welcoming environment for those from all walks of Jewish Life. The aim of this is to provide the widest range of choices for food consumed at the synagogue and functions off-site that are solely sponsored by BCC, and not impose the dietary guidelines of one group of members on another group. This provides options for those who keep kosher, but does not impose those laws on those who do not follow them. It’s important that we respect others choices. The dietary guidelines does not apply to any off-site function that is co-sponsored by BCC and any other group. 

Any questions or for more detailed information, please contact our office.
On-premise Kosher Guidelines for BCC Events

1. No pork or pork products at any function. (Pork examples not permitted are ham, bacon, pepperoni, and pork sausage.)
2. No shellfish at any function. (Shellfish examples not permitted are clams, oysters, crab, lobster, and shrimp.) 
3. No leavened products during Pesach. (If there is a private event during Passover, bread may be served and must be cleaned up to ensure chometz practices.)
4. Milk and meat may not be served together in any one course at BCC events (does not apply to private parties). BBC meat events will offer vegetarian options.
5. BBC events will provide dairy / pareeve options.
6. BBC events include: Oneg, Kiddush, Religious School, Religious School functions, Holiday Meals, Shabbat Dinner, Brotherhood, Sisterhood, Board of Directors, Membership meetings, Youth events, Celebrations, and any BBC events.
7. Applies to all buildings indoors and outdoors on-premises.
8. Permissable foods:
– Land animals must be mammals which chew their cud and have cloven hooves such as sheep, cattle, goats, deer, and bison.
– Poultry such as duck, goose, chicken, and turkey
– Fish must have fins and scales such as tuna, carp, salmon, and herring
– Pareve is prepared without meat or milk such as vegetarian and vegan dishes and can be eaten with both meat and dairy meals