In times of need

Beth Chaim’s Chesed Program translates a philosophy of love and compassion to all, inside and outside our community, into a program of acts and deeds that help to support and lift each other up in times of need, and at life cycle events.

We strongly encourage individuals, family members and friends of those in need to reach out for support when in need.  We are supportive in times of need with such life events as the passing of a parent or family member which may involve delivering a meal, writing a condolence note or helping at a Shiva. We are also here for support due to illness, surgery, or just feeling completely overwhelmed.  We have provided meals, resources, rides, and companionship when asked.  Through our joint efforts of partnership with the Brotherhood, Sisterhood and Membership, our Chesed Program is yet another example of what makes our Congregation so inclusive and special.

For a more in-depth look, read, “Chesed”- A Sermon, by Rabbi Chaya Gusfield.

Reach out for Chesed needs. 

Providing meals is one way to support members. 
Providing meals is one way to support members.