Beth Chaim’s Chesed Program translates a philosophy of love and compassion to all, inside and outside our community, into a program of acts and deeds that help to support and lift each other up in times of need, and at life cycle events.

Every family in our congregation is a part of a smaller group - a Chesed group - of between 6 and 12 families. Members of these groups are there to help each other. A coordinator leads the group and is asked to notify other members if and when a need arises. In addition, families within each Chesed group may get together to celebrate holidays, sponsor a break-the-fast after Yom Kippur, or attend services together. The groups are celebratory in good times at social functions as well as supportive in times of need such as the passing of a parent or family member which may involve delivering a meal, writing a condolence note or helping at a Shiva.

Through our joint efforts of partnership with the Brotherhood, Sisterhood and Membership, our Chesed Program is yet another example of what makes our Congregation so inclusive and special. 
 Chesed Needs are Currently Posted in the Weekly Happenings.

 Mourning and Grieving - Funeral and Shiva Information

We've added a new page with prayers to help those in mourning or grieving.  Click here to see the prayers.
To find out how to receive your free candle, click here:  Free Candle.
For a more in-depth look, read, "Chesed"- A Sermon, by Rabbi Chaya Gusfield.
If you would like to make a donation in honor of your loved one, please click here:  Donation.


JAN 17 - 23, 2021

Nancy Lebowicz
Sister of Debbie Roof
Jan 17

Sidney Churgel
Father of Ellen Waskey
Jan 18

Ari Mazer
Son of Marc Mazer & Susan Talon-Mazer
Jan 18

Annette Norman
Mother of Shelley Norman
Jan 19

LeRoy Golman
Father of Janet Lieber
Jan 20

Sol Leavitt
Father of Debbie Roof
Jan 21

Anne Harris
Mother of Elaine Penning
Jan 22

Jack Golde
Father of David Golde
Jan 23

Anatol "Tony" Karatov
Father of Michael Karatov
Jan 23

Julius Bernstein
Father of Neil Bernstein
Jan 23