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We encourage all men of Beth Chaim to join the Beth Chaim Brotherhood!!! For those of you who are new to Beth Chaim or who haven’t participated in the Brotherhood, it’s a great way to get to know a few more people at Beth Chaim and to get you (and your family) more connected to the community. Any adult male Beth Chaim member may join and participate. Those of us who have been active in the Brotherhood for many years will tell you that Brotherhood is a very meaningful part of our Beth Chaim experience and can be a great source of friendship and support for many years to come.


Beth Chaim Brotherhood
2021 NCAA March Madness Basketball Pool

The 2021 March Madness pool is both a fundraiser and a fun way to get excited about March Madness. Each bracket entered costs $60 and each player can submit up to 3 brackets. 80% of proceeds is paid out to the winners as outlined below. The remaining 20% goes directly to the Beth Chaim Brotherhood to support Bay Area charities.

There will be 6 total winners. Payout percentages vary depending on the total number of brackets.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there was no March Madness (as it relates to NCAA basketball) in 2020. Based on 48 participants in 2019, the payouts and percentage levels were as show below. we have set a goal to sell 100 brackets this time around. Please help us achieve this goal!

  1.  1st place winner - 30% ($875)
  2.   2nd place winner - 24% ($700)
  3.   3rd place winner - 18% ($525)
  4.   4th place winner - 9% ($260)
  5.   5th place winner - 9% ($260)
  6.  Total points in the final game - 9% ($260)


Schedule for Participating and Entering Brackets

  • Brackets come out and can be entered at the PickHoops website starting Sunday, March 14th, 8 pm PST
  • Completed Brackets must be submitted before the first-game first-round  tip off 5:00 pm PST Thursday, March 18 
  • You can change your bracket selections up to the time of the first game start
  • You can do a quick pick or a quick pick based on risk tolerance
  • Access the Madness Pool by going to: https://www.pickhoops.com/bcbros
  • Password shalom


Scoring & Rules

  • 1st round - 1 point per correct game
  • 2nd round - 2 points per correct game
  • 3rd round (Regional Semifinals) - 3 points per correct game
  • 4th round (Regional Finals) - 4 points per correct game
  • 5th round (National Semifinals) - 5 points per correct game
  • 6th round (Championship) - 10 points for correct winner
  • Tie-breaker - Total points in the final game
  • Second chance winner: Total points in the final game. To be eligible, you must send your check before the Final Four starts.
Up to 3 brackets per person
Please send a check for $60 per bracket payable to Beth Chaim Brotherhood to the Brotherhood treasurer:
Burt Feldstein, 260 Kuss Road, Danville CA 94526
Please participate and invite all your friends. 
If there are any questions, email Norton Levine at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Brotherhood Dues
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 As the Beth Chaim Brotherhood continues to grow and evolve we are looking for people who are committed to helping shape the direction and future of the Brotherhood. All Brotherhood Board Members should be passionate about the Brotherhood as we were representing our membership at large as well as the Beth Chaim Community. The work we do on the board is rewarding and important, and the role we play vital to a strong Brotherhood.

The Beth Chaim Brotherhood was established to create an environment where men can gather, build friendships, foster camaraderie and strengthen the BCC community. The Hood will promote, support and participate in social, spiritual, religious and educational activities, and promote service to the Jewish community at large, provide leadership to the BCC and serve as mentors to its youth.

If you have any please contact the our current Brotherhood President, Paul Yamshon at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Brotherhood Activities
Brotherhood activities throughout the year include the annual Winter Getaway at Lake Tahoe, the March Madness pool, the Brotherhood Fantasy Football League, Brotherhood lunches and Brotherhood movie nights (think action flicks). We sponsor an annual Bocce Ball and Dinner night with spouses/partners, which is great fun. We have guest speakers and sometimes arrange other special events such as camping, hiking, and father/child activities. We donate to charitable causes. We buy Kiddush cups for the B’nei Mitzvah class, co-sponsor special Beth Chaim events, help to build the Beth Chaim Sukkah and provide support to the Beth Chaim community in times of need.


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More Information
Look for announcements of Brotherhood events in the Happenings (Beth Chaim’s weekly email newsletter), The Star or the Beth Chaim website and ask to be put on the Brotherhood email list to receive Brotherhood emails. If you have any questions, ideas for new events or activities for the Brotherhood, or other thoughts on how to grow or improve the Brotherhood, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Winter4 Brotherhood
Brotherhood Winter Getaway Weekend at Lake Tahoe 2019