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Position Name
President Arie Cohen
Vice President
Scott Ehrlich
Vice President Marc Feder
Treasurer  Elliot Binder
Secretary Boris Kogan
Officer of Religious Affairs Larry Candeub
Director of Buildings Keith Brors
Director of Education  Jeff Reitzes
Director of Membership Debbie Roof
Director of Social Action/Tikkun Olam Naomi Ehrlich
Director of Fundraising Tanya James
Director at Large, Administration Deborah Wechsler
Director at Large, Advocacy Michael Kolis
Director at Large, Chesed
Kim Thompson
Director at Large, Marketing/Communication Ellen Waltrip
Brotherhood President Burt Feldstein
Sisterhood Co-Presidents

Lois Kamaroff

Suzie Homer

Past President Jonathan Corr
Trustee Martin Fishman
Trustee Judith Markowitz
Trustee Evan Levy

Board Bios

ARIE COHEN, President

Arie and his wife Kelley and children Kyla, Noah and Eli are longtime members of BCC. They were married by Rabbi Dan in 2005. Arie has a deep love for Judaism that dates back to living in Israel as a teen. Arie has been a Beit Midrash teacher and also has served on the Board of Directors as the Fundraising Chair and Building Director. He also has worked alongside Brotherhood President Paul Yamshon as the Brotherhood Vice President for the last couple of years.
Arie is honored to be given this opportunity to take the next step as BCC President. He recognizes that this is a huge responsibility but looks forward to the challenge and following along in his father-in-law Ralph Bleier’s footsteps. Arie’s other passions include his real estate career, collecting comic books, antique cars,bowling and most of all, spending time with Kelley, Kyla, Noah, Eli and their three pups.

SCOTT EHRLICH, Vice President
Scott and his wife Naomi have been members of Beth Chaim for over 18 years. A native of North Hollywood, Scott attended San Francisco State University where he met Naomi. Scott has served on the BCC Board as the Membership Director, Brotherhood President, President and Trustee. He looks forward to supporting AJ in any way he can.

MARC FEDER, Vice President
Marc is honored to re-join the board of directors for his second sojourn working to help the Beth Chaim Community thrive. Marc is a full-nester with his wife, Anne, and teens Aviva (in the 7th grade “Jew Crew”), and Talia (a Madricha in the Religious School). They have been members of Beth Chaim since shortly after their move from San Francisco to Danville in 2009. Marc is a mediator by profession and demeanor….at least outside the home. He loves to ski, collect and drink wine and spirits, and take lots and lots and lots of pictures.

Elliot was born and raised in Canada and lived in Vancouver, Toronto, Irvine, Santa Barbara, and San Francisco before finally settling in Danville. He and his wife Cameron have three children, Hannah (16), Ethan (13) and Emerson (8). Hannah and Ethan have both gone through the Beth Chaim Beit Midrash and had their B'Nei Mitzvah at Beth Chaim. Hannah is currently a Madricha for the 7th grade class and Emerson is in second grade. Cameron currently serves on
the Beit Midrash Education Committee. If you are looking for Elliot after work hours, you will find him watching soccer games, participating in carpools to Midrasha in Walnut Creek, I Can Do That Theatre, jogging the streets of Danville with their family dog, or sitting on the couch, binging one of many shows. Elliot is a licensed CPA in the state of California and is a partner in a global accounting firm. His current role is the office leader of the San Jose tax practice. His experience includes serving on the Greenbrook Eagle Board Fund as Treasurer for four years and director for an additional six years. In this role as Treasurer, he was responsible for managing the banking, approving and overseeing budgets, and reporting monthly on the financial state of the organization. He is excited about the opportunity to learn about Beth Chaim's financial position and working with a strong board to see the growth and success of the community.

BORIS KOGAN, Secretary
Last year Boris completed his second term as Secretary on the Board of Beth Chaim. He lives in Danville, California with his wife Christina and three kids. His eight-year-old twins Amelia and Alexis are in third grade at the Beit Midrash and his youngest Eli recently completed preschool at Tree of Life. His family have been members of the congregation for four years and serving on the board has allowed him to give back to the congregation and the community. Boris’ s professional training and experience is that of a corporate attorney with experience serving as corporate secretary for both for-profit and non-profit companies.

LARRY CANDEUB, Officer Religious Affairs (Spiritual Life Director)
Larry and his wife Barbra and children, Jake, Jessie and Josh, have been members of Beth Chaim for about 13 years. Although not very active in BCC activities for many years, they viewed BCC as a Sanctuary for Shabbat, High Holidays, and annual Yahrzeits. Shabbat Services always help to relax, unwind and offer a chance to reflect on the past week, giving time to stop and appreciate all of life’s blessings. As Director of Religious Affair/Spiritual Life for the past year, Larry has enjoyed interacting with and meeting new friends. He is looking forward to helping our members connect more to the Beth Chaim Community. He is aware that many people have many different needs. He encourages you to contact him and share any thoughts, ideas or provide feedback that will help us help you get more out of your Beth Chaim experience. The Beth Chaim Community, our home, is critical to the Jewish presence in the Tri Valley area. Larry would encourage you to explore some, or all, of what Beth Chaim has to offer. A Shabbat Service, perhaps the Chanukah Party, or even swing by a Torah Tots or Tot Shabbat activity. Meet other people, or just sit back and take it all in. He looks forward to meeting you and hearing your thoughts and ideas as to how we can create an even more amazing community.

KEITH BRORS, Director of Building
Keith and his wife Bonnie and family have been active members of Beth Chaim for over a decade. Their daughter Violet went through religious school from first grade all the way to her Bat Mitzvah. For the past several years Keith has served on the Education Committee for Beth Chaim and he is an active member of Beth Chaim’s Brotherhood. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, games of all sorts, and doing activities with his family. Keith is a software engineer lead at his current company and works with many people in different job disciplines daily. His duties range from dealing with issues requiring immediate attention to projects that take planning and several months to execute and finish. In addition
he has owned homes for decades and has had to work with various contractors to maintain these homes. He will bring this background and knowledge, to the position of Director of Building and oversee the maintenance of Beth Chaim facilities. He is thrilled to have the opportunity to serve on our Board of Directors and put his knowledge to use.

JEFF REITZES, Director of Education
Jeff has been a member of Beth Chaim for over 24 years. He has two kids, Jordan and Samantha, who have grown up at Beth Chaim and are now in college. Jeff was a member of the first Beth Chaim Adult B’nei Mitzvah class at age 42, was a Chesed coordinator for several years, trope-mentored several 7th-graders, sings with the Beth Chaim Chazzanut Group, and currently teaches the 7th Grade Jew Crew at Sunday School. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Jeff moved to the Bay Area in 1992 and started a career in Telecom and call centers – successfully avoiding an occupation that had anything to do with the two BAs (Radio-TV-Film and History), Teaching Credential (Secondary Social Studies) and
master’s degree (History) he earned before fleeing Southern California. He happily resides as an empty-nester in Pleasant Hill with ‘Lucky’, his faithful corgi.

DEBBIE ROOF, Director of Membership
Debbie has enjoyed being Membership Director at Beth Chaim for over five years. During that time, she signed up many new members at Beth Chaim who have become very active in Sisterhood, Brotherhood, religious school, and on the board. She has started new Chavurah groups, providing fun, meaningful connections with over 100 members! Debbie and her husband Rich have enjoyed living in Danville since 1984. Their children, Katie and Alan, both live in the LA area. Debbie received her master’s degree in Psychoeducational Studies in 1980 at the University of Colorado in Boulder, where she met Rich. She worked for 37 years as a school psychologist. Debbie was a project coordinator and grant writer in the San Ramon Valley Unified School District for an early intervention program and is currently writing grants for Beth Chaim. She enjoys attending many Sisterhood events, including the monthly luncheons, Rosh Chodesh. Book Group, and special events. Her favorite hobby is making challah, in all different shapes and flavors, and sharing it with others!

NAOMI EHRLICH, Director of Social Action (Tikkun Olam)
Naomi and her husband Scott have been members of Beth Chaim for over 18 years. A native of New Jersey, Naomi grew up in Marin County and graduated from San Francisco State University where she met Scott. They have 3 sons and a new daughter in law, Jordan and Gabrielle, Matthew, and Jacob and all 3 celebrated their bar mitzvahs at Beth Chaim. Naomi has been involved in social work her entire adult life with a passion for helping those who are less fortunate. As the Director of Tikkun Olam, she has especially enjoyed the BCC community’s support for the many social action programs throughout the year and is looking forward to the winter season with the upcoming Adopt a Family and Winter Nights Shelter. She also serves on the Contra Costa Interfaith Council.

TANYA JAMES, Director of Fundraising
Tanya is delighted to again serve on the BCC Board of Directors. Among her past board positions are Sisterhood Co-President, Director of the Education Committee, and Director of Administration. Last year Tanya led the team to put on the annual fundraiser. Tanya and her husband Donald joined the synagogue 25 years ago. They are grateful for all the friends they have made, and the support Rabbi Dan and the community has given them. Both their kids, Brandon and Shawna, attended the BCC Beit Midrash, had their B’nei Mitzvahs and were Madrichim. Their kids are appreciative for having these Jewish learning opportunities and the connection to their Jewish community. Tanya is retiring in March 2023 after working for Fremont Bank for 21.5 years, being a stay-at-home mom for nine years, and working for Nabisco Foods for 13 years. She is looking forward to joining Donald in retirement, with plans for traveling and giving back to many organizations, reading, relaxing, exercising, having time to socialize/meet new people and cooking healthy meals.

DEBORAH WECHSLER, Director at Large (Administration)
Deborah is originally from New Mexico. After receiving her MS in geophysics, she worked for the Los Alamos National Lab and then Chevron for 26 years in a variety of scientific and managerial positions. Members of Beth Chaim since 2001, she and her husband Bruce Bilodeau and their two daughters lived and worked in Indonesia from 2003-2007, returning to Danville and Beth Chaim two months after our new building was opened. Deborah has held various board and volunteer positions for Beth Chaim, including President, Treasurer, Religious Affairs Officer, editor of The Star Newsletter, and buildings, fundraising and recognition committees. She has also been the leader of the BCC Rosh Chodesh women’s gathering for many years. Outside of Beth Chaim she volunteers with several local organizations. Deborah has a passion for removing barriers for others’ talents to shine and believes that we can always improve our practices and policies for our wonderful clergy, educators and office staff.

MICHAEL KOLIS, Director at Large (Advocacy)
Michael and his family, wife Jessica and sons Dorian and Gibby (and boxers Ezekiel and Mordechai), have lived in Danville and been Beth Chaim members for close to 15 years. Michael has been a lawyer practicing litigation for 28 years, the first 13 in Washington, DC for a major law firm and the last 15 out here, leading a team of lawyers managing litigation worldwide for Chevron’s Downstream and Midstream businesses. Michael has a particular interest in the wellbeing of the Jewish community. Given the proliferation of antisemitism in the United States and abroad, from left- and right-wing politicians and others, from celebrities and other influencers, and particularly on high-school and college campuses, Michael is anxious to work with other Beth Chaim members to ensure that our community is informed and prepared and can live in peace, and to help prepare our children so that they can attend school and go off to college and be proud to be Jews.

KIM THOMPSON, Director at Large (Chesed)
Kim lives in San Ramon with her husband Michael and daughters, Jaiden, 19, and Kalea, 15. The Thompsons have been members of BCC for 13 years. Kim was raised in Scottsdale,Arizona and graduated with her BA from Vassar College in Child Psychology and Special Education and received her Master of Education from ASU. Kim has spent the past 26 years in the field of education with jobs ranging from a reading specialist to a special education teacher, to an elementary school principal. Kim has a passion for equity and activism and loves dance, yoga, hiking, travel and works at Athleta in her spare time. This will be the fifth year Kim has served as Director of Chesed, a position she cherishes as an opportunity to help ensure BCC is a caring and warm community that values and supports all of its members.

ELLEN WALTRIP, Director at Large (Marketing and Communication)
Ellen is excited to join the board again after previously serving two years as Secretary 15 years ago. This time she will use her platform to share the great news about the Beth Chaim community and all it has to offer. Her last stint on the board was during the planning phase for the Tree of Life Preschool. What a blessing it was when that vision became a reality! Ellen also organized several Family Camp weekends when her kids were young. Ellen, Mat and their
children Stephen and Rachel have been members of Beth Chaim since 2001. Both kids had the privilege of becoming a B’nai Mitzvah with Rabbi Dan. Stephen is now 27 and Rachel is 22 and are launched into adulthood. Ellen loves helping people with their home financing and enjoys travel, hiking, skiing at Palisades and spending time with friends and family. Beth Chaim’s superpower is the special, nurturing community of people we have that celebrate joyous times
and support each other during challenging ones. She looks forward to helping make a difference!

BURT FELDSTEIN, Brotherhood President
Burt and his life partner, Lynne Gross, have been Beth Chaim members for over 15 years. He is a retired corporate treasurer. Burt has been and continues as the Brotherhood’s Treasurer for 6+ years. He has served on the Beth Chaim Board for 7 years as Treasurer and held a similar position and duration on Fremont’s Beth Torah’s Board. He continues to be a Volunteer in Policing for the Danville Police Department which he has been doing for over 8 years. Burt enjoys dining with Lynne in Danville, which almost always includes a nice glass of wine

LOIS KAMOROFF, Sisterhood Co-President
Lois has been an active resident of the San Ramon Valley. As Co-President of our Beth Chaim Sisterhood she is looking forward to both spiritual and social participation with our members and adding new programs to the already established excellent ones. Lois enjoys living in our vibrant community and her goal is to support more Jewish identity and social activities for our members.

SUZIE HOMER, Sisterhood Co-President
Suzie has been a member of Beth Chaim for four years and has found a home within the Sisterhood. Even though she lives in Castro Valley, Suzie finds herself in the Tri-Valley area every day, visiting the new friends she has made through Sisterhood. Suzie believes it is important to support organizations that give back as much as Sisterhood does. It is her pleasure to continue as Co-President.

JONATHAN CORR, Past President
Jonathan has been honored to have been President of Beth Chaim for the last two years, and he looks forward to supporting AJ Cohen and the entire board as Past President. He also served on the BCC Board in 2007-2009 as VP Finance. Jonathan grew up outside Boston in a conservative Jewish family, and after attending Columbia University in NYC, he moved to the Bay Area in August 1989. He and his wife Rae will have been married for 30 years this coming
July and have been members of Beth Chaim since 1998. Their three children, Rosie, Zackary, and Liza, have all had B’nei Mitzvahs at Beth Chaim. Jonathan retired as CEO from Ellie Mae in March 2021. In early 2022, following a long-time passion, Jonathan and Rae formed Omniscient Owl Productions LLC to produce commercial theatrical productions. They are currently co-producers of six shows in different stages of development. Jonathan is a public
board director for Paycor (PYCR) and Independence Holdings (ACQRU), and is also an investor, board member and advisor to several private technology companies.

Martin and Karyn Fishman and their children Joshua and Sara have been Beth Chaim Congregant members since 1997.
Martin has served on the Board of Directors since 2005. His early engagement was to capitalize and ensure the future of Beth Chaim’s land investment, in our Holbrook property, becoming a Jewish Home in Danville. After successfully leading a fundraising team, obtaining the largest single donor (Nathan Shappel) providing 1 Mil dollars + 1.5 from our members, we successfully raised $2.5 Mil combined. Martin then facilitated and oversaw the Building Committee Construction and delivered our new HOME, 1800 Holbrook Drive in 2007. Martin then became President (2007-2008), Past President and has served as a Trustee for 13 years.
Martin is an accomplished global senior executive who has managed technology companies for over 30 years including PC’s, Displays, Software, Peripherals, SaaS, IoT and, Consumer Electronics.

A native of East Hampton, New York, where her parents were founders of the Jewish Center of the Hamptons, Judith began her life-long journey there to create a Jewish life for herself and her family. After graduating from Ithaca College, with a dual major in classical flute performance and business, Judith began an extensive career in Human Resources. She has held senior HR positions at American Express, Jordan Marsh and Macy’s. Judith’s desire to contribute beyond volunteering in her community led to new career opportunities as a Jewish communal professional. She has held director roles at The Reutlinger Community for Jewish Living, Beth Chaim Congregation, the Contra Costa JCC, The Jewish Federation of the East Bay, and currently works at Hebrew Free Loan Association of San Francisco. Judith has been an active volunteer in our Beth Chaim community serving for eight years on the board of directors, High Holy Days chairperson, and on a variety of committees and special initiatives. Judith is best known in our community for the spirituality and singing voice she brings as a lay leader for our religious services. Judith and her husband Glen Schabacker have been members of Beth Chaim for 27 years. Their daughter Shoshanah, who grew up in our community, now resides with her husband Leo in Seattle. Judith and Glen live in San Ramon and feel deeply blessed to be a part of the Beth Chaim community.

EVAN LEVY, Trustee
Evan and his wife Stacey have been members of Beth Chaim for 23 years. Their three children have all gone through the Beth Chaim religious school and B’nei Mitzvah program. Evan has served on the Beth Chaim board in previous years as Treasurer and Social Action Chair. Evan was the Finance Officer for the City of Livermore for 15 years before retiring. Currently, Evan volunteers as a fundraiser and advocate for Shalom Bayit and is a home chef for Community
Kitchens. If you drive the Camino Tassajara corridor on any given day you will see Evan walking his two beloved goldendoodles.