Madrichim (Teen Guides) – Looking Forward, Giving Back

One of our coolest teachers was a student here.  She did it all – played and learned, studied and shmoozed, had her Bat Mitzvah and then – became a madricha.  Some Madrichim come on Sundays to support our teachers in classroom activities, some come midweek (and get paid to do this!) to lead learning so the younger students can become as capable as they are. All madrichim are super appreciated. Nothing is better for your self-esteem than a happy group of 3rd graders vying for a chance to sit next to you, or better yet, in your lap! Our Madrichim are proud to be so Jewishly knowledgable, get extra chances to learn, have special yummy treats on Sunday mornings, bond with friends from their Bnei mitzvah class and others, and contribute meaningfully to our Beit Midrash programs.

In the classroom you might find yourself teaching a lesson you’ve planned, helping with an art project, setting up the Purim carnival, showing off your Hebrew reading skills, or leading songs with gusto and silly gestures. If you are interested in becoming one of our madrichim, click here for more information and an on-line application.


Contra Costa Midrasha is our continuing Jewish education program for teens grades 8-12.   In conjunction with other synagogues in the area, teens join together Wednesday nights weekly in Walnut Creek to cut loose, relax, hang-out with friends, learn new things, eat donuts and make a difference in the Jewish environment.  Midrasha also offers weekend retreats and fundraising and volunteering programs on Sundays. (link to Midrasha website)

Opportunites to connect Jewishly beyond the walls of Beth Chaim include:

Contra Costa Midrasha
B’nai Brith Youth Organization (BBYO)